About Us

CameraKen (formerly UNES Co-Ci) is your expert buddy for anything that relates to cameras. Our website revolves around everything that is connected to cameras. The buying guide would be of the following categories:

Camera lists: We provide a camera list of a particular requirement, be it cameras for Vlog or cameras for filming the hunt, we love to present an overall list that would cater to a specific need or a budget. We cover every type of camera in the market be it a flagship high-end DSLR or an entry-level point and shoot camera. We write about things that capture moments.

Bundles: Buying a camera alone is never enough. You need some very good accessories and we also review bundles that you can choose from. Each camera usually has a bundle and we list them.

Accessories: Some articles are solely about accessories such as lights, tripods, lenses, or SD cards. Accessories are something that you would change or upgrade more often than cameras so we pay special attention to them.

Our recommendations and reviews are based on multiple sources of information. We interview the experts, the common users, and browse through various sites that publish the reviews to give you an overview of the product.

Our Goal

Photography advice that elevates user experience. Photography is a vast ocean of experimenting and sometimes, choosing the right product can be quite overwhelming for a person.

We aim to eliminate the confusion and panic that might arise when you would have a lot of options and no one to consult. Additionally, we keep in mind the difficulties that a user faces and make our content the perfect balance between technical terms and simple language that you can understand.

CameraKen is all about giving you the best advice for the best user experience. You can be a complete alien to the world of photography and this can be the first experience you would want to have of photography or you can be a professional who is in the field from years, we make our content understandable for all.

How We Do Our Research?

Our research can be boiled down to these sources-

Expert reviews and interviews: We interview experts and present their impressions to you. These experts are industry-leading and have been working in the field for at least 10 years. The expert reviews are then congregated by us and we present an aggregated review of the same.

Amazon.com: Amazon is our primary place for research where we study the product and the user reviews. We also make sure that the product is available and up to date. Only the latest and the most trusted products make it to our lists.

Personal Experience: The product is used and tested by us before we make it reach the list. This is the most important part as we believe to see it for ourselves before we can advise you for the same. Our team of experts as well as common folks put forward their perspectives about the product so that we can give you a well-rounded review.

How We Make Money?

Our reviews and recommendations are totally independent and we make sure that we only publish those who fit perfectly to the topic. However, we do get commission sometimes for the products that are purchased from the links that we put on our pages.

How We Choose the Products?

The products are chosen after they go through the rigorous process of research. We ensure that every product that we publish meets these criteria-

Best deals: the best deals available on Amazon are listed in our articles. Sometimes, we evaluate the overall value with regards to the price and suggest a premium-priced product that is a bit older and better version of the current products to give you a better experience.

Latest technology: Our products are either the best value for money or the latest launched products. We want to give you the up to date advice for the cameras but sometimes, some older products give a much better value compared to their price so we decide for you what is the best amongst the two.

Availability: The availability of the product is of paramount importance. If it is not available, we do not publish it. However, the results and the products are subject to availability of the stock so the product may be out of stock when you happen to read it but you are sure to get it soon restocked by the supplier.

Recommendations and user ratings: the products do not reach the list if they do not meet the user ratings and reviews. We publish only those products which at least have a rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon.

Trusted brands and products: We always strive to give you the best products from the reputed brands. We specifically mention if the brand is not a well-known brand and is a new entrant in the market.

Editorial Guidelines

CameraKen is all about providing the best recommendations and camera advice. We thrive to publish and write articles that are in trend and running in the market. Readers are to be sure of having the latest products that are in tandem with the trends and the capabilities that the market demands.

Our reviews and recommendations are a hundred percent unbiased and we get no compensation for writing a good or a bad review for any cameras. We are honest about our recommendations and you can see that each product would have its pros and cons. No hiding or lying about any product.

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We thrive to give you the best advice and some requirements can be very specific. Feel free to give us your feedback, queries, suggestions, or impressions of our content. We would love to hear from you. You can visit our contact us page and send your query.