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7 Best Cameras for Real Estate Photography in 2022 [Expert Picks]

Whether you are a real estate agent who wants to capture elegant pictures of the apartment/property you’re selling or a professional photographer who has to deal with real estate photography, if you’re looking for a reliable camera, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a real estate photographer, you would need a great camera to get good quality shots of the property. After all, the picture captured is going to be the first impression the buyer gets, that’s why you would want pictures that shall lure the buyer into looking at the property.

If you’re a professional, you already know the angles and the tricks to get the best pictures of the property. You also must be aware of the different lenses that’ll make your work easier. However, if you’re just an agent, then make sure to choose the camera based on your requirements. Also, make sure that the device you’re getting has external lens options.

For instance, a cheap camera by default might not have a wide-angle lens, but if it supports an external one, then you can get an external lens for wide-angle shots of the rooms, bathrooms, etc, Also, accessories like a tripod and flash or external LED lights would make “the sky” a limit for showcasing your pictures.

While choosing the right camera and lens combination is more than enough for capturing good quality real-estate pictures, it is advised to use softwares like Adobe PhotoShop, Lightroom, GIMP, Snapseed, etc before showing it to a client or uploading it anywhere.

Best Cameras For Real Estate Photography in 2022

The camera selection process is focused on a lot of aspects. I’ve looked at a lot of things including the megapixel count of the sensor, the dynamic range capabilities, detail preservation in textures & shadows, performance in low light, and other things to keep in mind while capturing real-estate photographs.

I’ve made sure that products from different tiers of price ranges are present, so there should be something on your desired budget. While the top-most cameras are high-end, we walk our way down to mid-range and cheap devices. After evaluating a handful number of products, these are the ones that made it to the final list:

  • Sensor Resolution: 61 MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K UHD 2160P
  • Battery Life: 670 shots
  • Weight: 1.27 lbs

Starting off, here is a premium professional product that is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Sony α7R IV is the best-in-class product of Sony that is made for people who want to get the best shots in any type of lighting and have had a lot of experience in the field. The battery life of this device is 670 shots which should be enough to give you the power to capture real estate photos for an hour.

The design of this full-frame camera is ergonomic and well-balanced. It is not very congested at any point in the body. It sports a 3-inch touch-enabled screen that can flip around. There is a joystick for the autofocus point. The menu items are customizable and you can change them according to your preferences. The improved design and grip from its predecessor make it user-friendly.

The BIONZ X processor coupled with a stunning 61MP sensor gives the results that would leave everyone impressed. The sensor is designed to notice the subtle details that would often be missed by other cameras. The superior technology would allow the camera to track the subject and automatically detect the eye for both video and photos.

The brilliance of this camera allows you to go as low as -39 stop of EV. This means that you get superior photos in the worst lighting. Pretty good for you to take pictures of a building at night without any hassle or hindrance. The mechanism of this camera is also designed to shoot in pin-drop silence and not make the slightest noise while shooting any subject.

The camera weighs 1.27 lbs and it is a light choice considering the body and the built. It comes with a one-year warranty. This is a great choice that we recommend and it is used by professionals all over the world. You cannot go wrong with real estate photography if you have a beast like Sony α7R IV with you.

  • Brilliant low light imaging
  • 61 MP sensor- best in class
  • Silent mode
  • 567 focus points
  • No in-camera RAW conversion
  • Focus not the best while using Burst mode
  • Sensor Resolution: 30.3 MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p
  • Weight: 1.46 lbs
  • Battery Life: 370 shots

A powerful and mirrorless full-frame device at the most reasonable price in this range would be the Canon EOS R. It has a battery life of 370 shots that is enough to last for around 2 hours. It can also take videos for about an hour or so.

The design of the EOS R is elegant and classy. It sports a fully articulating screen of 3.15 inches which is a touchscreen. It is really ergonomic and sporty to hold. The front dial to change the aperture can be hard to reach if you have small fingers. There is a unique M-Fn bar that allows you to select a function for the button. However, the EOS R feels okay and its design could have been much better.

It sports the DIGIC 8 image processor coupled with a 30.3 MP resolution sensor to ensure sparkling images even in low light. It has fantastic focusing capabilities that let you track the subject in motion and automatically detects a face or an eye to focus on. The ISO ranges from 50 to 102400 which is marvelously versatile to meet all your requirements for real estate photography.

This camera has a 12 pin connection between the sensor and the body which results in faster AF, better image stabilization, and better image quality. The new R mount ensures that you are equipped with the technology to support all the latest lines of lenses that Canon would release. It has adapters in case you want to use EF lenses. A high range of lenses is all you need next to get the most of photography, be it for real estate or anything else!

The camera weighs a decent 1.46 lbs. It is not at all heavy and you can go around with it. It comes with a one-year warranty. It is a great option but sadly, the camera does not offer much innovation except the ability to host the new range of Canon lenses. You might want to look at other options in the same range for these features.

  • EOS R range of lenses
  • 12 pin connection
  • M-Fn customizable bar 
  • Great AF capabilities
  • Bad design
  • Only a Canon USB charger would work
  • Sensor Resolution: 24.3 MP
  • Video Resolution: FHD 1080P
  • Battery Life: 1230 shots
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs

This DSLR from Nikon is a great choice for a high-end camera as it packs the power of a high-end camera and ease of use. The Nikon D750 is capable of taking 1230 shots at full charge so you better be ready to roam around and take awesome photos for hours. It can shoot videos for around two hours. No reason to deny this camera for your real estate photography.

The camera has the trademark design of Nikon that is full black in color and has a red stripe just below the shutter button to give it a classy look. There is a tiltable 3-inch screen that can go around the front and rear. The buttons are placed on both sides of the screen that gives both the hands an equal amount of operation but one-handed use can be challenging with it. Overall, it has a great design that feels very comfortable to hold even for long periods of time.

The camera packs an EXPEED 4 sensor with the 24.3 MP resolution sensor which is enough to take care of any type of real estate property and capture the minor details of it. The full-frame sensor takes care of the lighting and never disappoints you even in the worst low light scenes. The ISO can go upto 51200 but the noise-free limit is 12800.

The 51 AF point system is here to take care of the corners of the buildings and give you a well accessible system that never neglects any part of the property for focusing. You can use it by controlling it with a smartphone if you are planning to shoot from a distance. You can also go upto 6.5 fps with its burst mode if you are looking to quickly shoot some of the features of the property.

The camera is moderately weighed at 1.65 lbs. It comes with a one year warranty. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their camera to suit the real estate photography needs with a wide-angle camera or wants to buy a new camera that has a full-frame sensor. However, it is a little outdated and lacks a 4K recording so you might want to give it a second thought before buying it.

  • Full frame sensor
  • Excellent design
  • 51 point AF
  • Remote control application
  • No 4k recording
  • Limited screen mobility
  • Sensor Resolution: 24.2MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K UHD 2160P
  • Battery Life: 420 shots
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs

In case you’re looking for a compact mirrorless camera in the lower mid-range, I’d recommend the Sony α6100. It is a massive upgrade over the α6000 but, it retains the smaller form factor so, it’s easy to carry around while shooting real-estate.

The α6100 resembles a lot of Sony’s compact line of cameras. It’s just around 4.7-inches wide horizontally and comes with a 3-inch flip-up TFT LCD display. The build quality is pretty good for the price. Because it’s lightweight, attaching small, medium, or even slightly larger lenses, won’t make it heavy so, taking well-composed shots won’t put pressure on your hands.

The 24.2MP APS-C sensor is around 1-inch in size and it has a good dynamic range and decent low-light performance for the money. ISO levels go from 100 up to 51200. The captured images are plenty sharp and they retain details with minimum artifacts. So, textures in architecture are well pronounced and there are a good amount of details in shadows.

The autofocusing is pretty great as well with a 425-point phase-detection system. So, if you are clicking with autofocus enabled and shifting quickly from one object to another, the photos should always be in focus. The device also shoots up to 4K 30 fps videos, in case your client requires high-quality videos.

It weighs around 0.8 lbs and the battery will last you up to 75 mins/420 shots using the LCD screen or 70mins/380 shots using the viewfinder. If all of this seems compelling enough to you, and you can use a compact camera in your real-estate shoots, get the Sony α6100 and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Super-fast PD autofocus
  • Up to 51200 ISO
  • Good battery life
  • Up to 4K 30FPS videos
  • Compact & easy to carry
  • External microphones easily cover the flip-up display
  • Doesn’t do 4K at 60FPS
  • Sensor Resolution: 24.2MP 
  • Video Resolution: 1080P FHD
  • Battery Life: 1500 shots
  • Weight: 0.86 lbs

It is often thought that buying a budget camera will lead to a lot of compromises and you would only get basic features where ultimately, the image quality would have to suffer. The Nikon D3500 has busted these statistics with its exceptional image quality and excellent performance.

The magnanimous battery life of 1500 shots would ensure that you are always prepared to take the best images of the buildings and the apartments. In case you need a video, it can go easily for about 2 hours. Pretty cool for all the needs at a fantastic budget.

Nikon D3500 is an option that is designed to impress beginners as well as professionals. It has a 3 inch fixed LCD screen and alongside are the buttons. There are plenty of buttons as it is not a touchscreen and considering the price, it is definitely worth it. It is easy to use and you would have no difficulty getting used to it in a matter of some time.

The EXPEED 4 image sensor takes care of your images and gives them a brilliant, sharp, and well-polished look. The 24.2 CMOS sensor can be excellent for print retention. You can even frame them for your current client project to experience the beauty of the property. The ISO ranges from 100 to 25600 but the maximum should be 12800 for minimal noise.

Being a camera for amateur photographers, it has its perks and boasts a bunch of built-in modes ranging from macro to portrait. With this, you can change the settings to a preset and quickly click pictures to get the best result. It also has the SnapBridge application to control the camera or swiftly transfer the files from the device to your smartphone or computer.

The camera weighs 0.86 lbs and is a great option for beginners. It comes at a price that would be great for having an entry-level DSLR with all the features you would need for real estate wide-angle photography. You can even invest in a wide-angle 10-20mm lens if you want to capture a wider area with the same camera.

  • Lightweight
  • Ease of use
  • Brilliant images at the price
  • Auto mode if you get stuck
  • Remote shutter control is missing
  • Lack of NFC
  • Sensor Resolution: 18MP 
  • Video Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Battery Life: 330 shots
  • Weight: 1.36 lbs

Be it real estate photography or capturing the pictures of your family, photographing does not need to be complicated. The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 truly believes this and offers a bridge camera that can go upto 60 times the normal image. The battery can last for 330 shots that would go on for around 2 hours. If you choose the video option, it may last for an hour.

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is a perfect bridge camera. It retains the easiness of a point-and-shoot camera but gives you the professional DSLR look. You would need some time to get acquainted with the variety of controls it offers but that would not hinder the fantastic user experience it offers. The camera also sports a 3 inch flexible LCD touchscreen to ensure that you are always quick enough to focus and navigate.

It has a BSI CMOS sensor and a Venus image processing engine to give you lightning-fast images. The 60x zoom is here to ensure that you can even zoom in to the floor of the apartment and give a detailed view of how the apartment looks. Quality is no bar with its advanced ability to capture photos at 4k resolution.

The Lumix gives you the feature to change the focus after clicking the photos. This is suitable for real estate as you would always want to have a focus on the building or office. When it comes to wireless connectivity, the camera comes with WiFi and remote control to give you the flexibility of transferring and taking photos.

The camera weighs at 1.36 lbs which is almost a weight of a DSLR. It comes with a one year warranty. It is a great choice that suits well in the affordable price range without compromising on the image quality.

  • 60x optical zoom
  • Post focus 
  • User friendly
  • 4k photos
  • Bulky
  • Limited Aperture range 2.8-5.9
  • Sensor Resolution: 20.2MP 
  • Video Resolution: 1080P FHD
  • Battery Life: 295 shots
  • Weight: 0.40 lbs

Cameras are not always bulky and some can easily fit in your pocket. The Canon PowerShot SX620 is a budget-friendly point and shoot camera that has a battery life of 295 shots. The video recording shall last for an hour of continuous shooting. It is a great choice for real estate photography if you want a wide-angle option that can be slided in your pocket.

This PowerShot has a sleek, modern, and premium design that makes you fall in love with it at first glance. It has a minimal design that sports a 3 inch fixed screen along with a few buttons on the side. There is a quick photo/video slider option distantly placed on the upper corner. It sports two dials on the top. It also comes in red and silver options but the black one is the most elegant one of the three.

The 20.2 MP CMOS sensor is combined with the DIGIC DV 4 Image Processing Engine. This is the line of processors that Canon also uses in its DSLRs so you are assured of having the best image quality that can be found in this price range. The zoom range is 25x which is a focal length of 25-625mm. This is excellent for capturing real estate property photos and you can even give a zoomed-in look to the view from the floor to impress the client.

The Canon does not skip the Image Stabilization technology and it offers various options in this one too. The IS can range from normal to macro which would automatically adjust itself to suit the type of photo that you want to take. It has panning IS so that you can take the full view of the locality from the building and show it to the client. You would not find shakes or blurs with this IS in any form of photos that you take.

The camera weighs 0.40 lbs and is really a light option. It comes with a one-year warranty. It is one of the kind in this list that offers excellent imaging options with the most flexible portability at a price that would not burn a hole in your pocket. You can pick this one without any second thoughts if you want a portable option that fits in your pocket, physically and financially.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 25x zoom
  • IS modes
  • Attractive design
  • Fixed LCD
  • Slippery

Frequently Asked Questions

What aspects of a Camera does matter in real-estate photography?

For taking good real-estate photos, a camera needs to have a good quality sensor that can capture sharp images, differentiate well between highlights & shadows without blowing out any significant details, and decent low-light performance with controlled noise levels.

Is post-processing required for real-estate photos?

Post-processing (editing, color-grading, etc.) can be really useful to make your photos look more attractive to the client. Of course, it’s not necessary to tweak your real-estate photos all the time, but most of the time it’ll give you better results.

Does having good video recording capabilities matter?

If you want to advertise your real-estate properties more lively or in case your client asks for some video footage, having good video recording capabilities can be a lie saver. You can also upload well-documented videos of your property to Social Media & YouTube to attract more customers.

What types of lenses do I use for shooting real estate?

That’ll depend on what exactly you are shooting. If you are shooting photos of the entire property & trying to fit in as much as possible, a good Wide-angle lens is required. In case you want to capture the details up close, a good Prime lens will do the trick, Telephoto lenses don’t come as handy but, they might be useful occasionally.

You should mostly be fine with one Wide-angle & one Prime lens, but if you require zooming in, you can get a good Telephoto lens according to your preference.

Can’t I just use my smartphone instead of a camera?

Using a smartphone takes out the advantage of switching lenses or shooting at a wide variety of focal lengths. Shallow depth-of-field is also produced way better with a bigger camera sensor & a good prime lens, compared to a smartphone.

But, in case you have a flagship-grade smartphone and it is capable of taking the exact type of shots you require, maybe you can give it a try and see if it’s working for you.


Choosing the right camera for your real-estate photography needs, while keeping so many factors in mind, can be really hard. However, if you made it this far, I hope you now have a good idea of what device you should get. In case you are still confused let me make this a bit easier for you.

  • In case you’re looking for the best of the best Full-frame professional camera for photos & videos, get the Sony α7R IV.
  • If you do want a Full-frame for the same reasons as above, but you prefer Canon’s color science over Sony, get the Canon EOS R instead.
  • Now, if you do want a Full-frame but, video recording isn’t a priority, you can get the Nikon D750 instead.
  • In case you want a compact camera with good photo & videography capabilities, get the Sony α6100.
  • If you want a point-and-shoot instead, you can either get the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 or the more compact Canon PowerShot SX620.
  • In case you want a budget DSLR instead, get the Nikon D3500.

Now, all you need to do is figure out which one of these categories you fall in and you’ll have your perfect match. If you found this helpful, we have boatloads of other articles, exploring a wide variety of cameras so, maybe consider checking those out.