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Best Canon 80D Accessories 2021 – Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

At over $1000, the Canon 80D is a top-end cropped sensor DSLR camera. You can be assured of many engrossing hours of photography armed with your latest gizmo.

You need the perfect accessories, and we tested hundreds of them in our lab and outdoors. Our team went over each one meticulously. We tested them under every possible condition to find which we can recommend.

No matter how big a kit you have, there is always space for a little more. Why not add to it and satisfy your passion for photography. We made sure that nothing on our list is costly and always offers value for money.

ImageProduct NameTypeCheck Price
Lexar Professional 633x 128GB SDXC UHS-IMemory CardCheck on Amazon
Canon Battery Pack LP-E6NBatteryCheck on Amazon
Fotga dual LCD charger for Canon DSLR CamerasChargerCheck on Amazon
Canon Speedlite EL-100SpotlightCheck on Amazon
PCTC Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorsTempered GlassCheck on Amazon
Veatree 67mm Lens Hood SetLens HoodCheck on Amazon
Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AB TripodTripodCheck on Amazon
AODELAN Camera Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote ControlShutter RemoteCheck on Amazon
67MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter KitFilter KitCheck on Amazon
Selens 32 in (80cm) 5-in-1 Round Reflector with HandleReflectorCheck on Amazon

Best Canon 80D Accessories To Buy In 2021

At some point, it becomes an absolute necessity to invest in some camera gear. Accessories like extra batteries and memory card are ofcourse the top required items from it. However, as you start experimenting and using the Canon 80D regularly, you would crave for other things like filter, tripod, etc. And hence, I’ve curated and reviewed each of such accessories for you to go for:

1. Lexar Professional 633x 128GB SDXC UHS-I

While looking for memory cards, the two most important features are the read and the write speed of the cards.

Lexar Professional 633x 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card is loaded with 128 Gigabytes of memory. The 633x SD cards have a read speed of 95 MBPS. The 633x card is an updated version of the previous 600x SD cards. The 633x 128 Gb card has a write speed of 45 MBPS, similar to the previous 600x version. There are 5 memory options available in the 633x SDXC- 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. The maximum read speed is 95 MBPS.

These cards allow capturing of 4K or higher resolution videos in cameras such as GoPro and Insta 360 one. This card, with its high write speed of 45 MBPS, eliminates buffering of videos while shooting. The higher read speed allows faster pulling of data from the card.

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures from 13 F to 185 F
  • Has built-in write-protect switch to avoid accidental deletion of content
  • Allows faster transfer of files from the SD cards to personal computers
  • Backed by technical support
  • Have a slightly lesser read speed (88 MBPS) and write speed (35 MBPS) than claimed 

2. Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N

LP-E6N Battery is specially designed for Canon cameras. It is a high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N is compatible with EOS DSLRs such as EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 6D, EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 70D, EOS 5Ds, EOS 80D, EOS 5DSR, and EOS 60D.

Digitek LP-E6N batteries are world-class batteries with high power. This battery is available only in black color. It can be charged with LC-E6E and LC-E6 battery chargers, which are provided with the DSLRs. It has a rated output voltage of 7.2V and offers a capacity of 1865mAH.

These batteries have a charge and discharge cycle of around 500 times. They allow the utmost safety and stability. They also enable shooting of up to 850 shots at normal temperatures on a single charge cycle. The battery communicates with the camera and allows you to check the remaining capacity on the camera’s info screen while shooting.

They are available online at a price of $13.99. A full 1-year guarantee is certified on the purchase of LP-E6N batteries. However, the time duration can vary on factors such as camera settings, user habits, features activated while shooting, LCD monitor off/on.

  • Rechargeable
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not lose charge when kept unused for an extended period
  • Not water resistant
  • Cannot withstand extreme temperatures

3. Fotga LCD Dual Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 LP-E6N 7D 6D 5D Mark II III IV 5Ds 70D 60D 80D Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC 4K DSLR Cameras

The new Fotga dual LCD charger for Canon DSLR Cameras is a modern charger that comes with a main AC power chord. The best part of this Fotga LCD Dual Battery Charger is that as soon as you plug it in and insert the batteries, it gauges the charge of the batteries and starts charging accordingly.

The dual LCD charger runs on various modes like ‘L’ and ‘H.’ The former is for slow charging and keeps the battery healthy and working for an extended period, whereas the latter will help in charging the batteries faster when you are in a hurry. The device is equipped with a built-in microchip that stops charging when the battery level is full. 

The new charger for Canon LP-E6 LP-E6N comes with an extra USB port with which you can charge other devices as well, which includes power banks, tablets, and mobile phones. There are various modes of charging, like CC/CV, which makes the device score high on the utility-scale. 

  • It charges in 40 minutes with different modes of charging
  • You can see the amount of charge in the batteries, while you charge them
  • It is a reasonably economical option 
  • It is quite handy for professional photographers
  • The LED display is not very good
  • The charger does not supply enough voltage at certain instances

4. Canon Speedlite EL-100

The Canon Speedlite EL-100 is a multi-tasking product. It is the best flash that you can equip your camera with.  A closer look at its features reveals all its qualities. It is such a versatile product that both novice and professional photographers can use it.

The flash measures 2.5 x 3.6 x 2.8-inches. It weighs only 6.7 ounces. It emulates the look of any normal Canon accessory. It is equipped with both horizontal and vertical adjustability, which allows you to bounce off the reflection from other background surfaces. For example, this flash can help you to get rid of reflection from walls and other upholstery.

It has a 24mm wide-angle coverage. It allows you to capture large images without moving the camera back. It has a guide number of 85 ft./26 m at ISO 100, which is an important indicator of the power.The hard-shelled ABS plastic and black matte look lend a certain elegance to the flash. Additionally, there is a manual zoom head that is placed on the top of the flash. 

There is a four-switch slider that allows you to control receiver channels. It enhances your creativity with the wireless operation. If you have a compatible EOS camera, you can even utilize the Remote shutter function. 

  • It is compact and versatile
  • It has horizontal and vertical twist functionality
  • It has flash targeting abilities that can turn lackluster photos into art
  • Great performance under low light conditions
  • It cannot replace your full-size high power unit
  • The price is a downside

5. PCTC Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Compatible for Canon EOS 90D,80D,70D Camera (3 Packs)

Getting scratches on your camera LCD monitor can be a nightmare. PCTC is one brand which comes to your rescue with their super durable, ultra-thin and shatter-proof optical tempered glass screen protector. This tempered glass allows 99.99% HD clarity. It is crystal clear and has an incomparable light transmission. The glass has a thickness of only 0.33mm; therefore, you can hardly feel it on your monitor.

The application of this tempered glass protector is fairly simple as it has electrostatic absorption, which makes the glass stick to the screen without the need for any adhesive. It fits perfectly on the LCD monitors of camera models such as Canon EOS 90D, 80D, 70D. The tempered glass comes in a pack of three, which is useful as it can be easily replaced without the need to purchase again and again.

The tempered glass fully covers the screen and therefore ensures full protection. The glasses do not retain fingerprints. They are scratch resistant as well as waterproof. The glasses also protect the camera screens while shooting in the rain and prevent unnecessary scratches on the screen.

The glasses come in an elegant wooden box with one wet wipe, one dry wipe, and one dust-absorbent wipe to clear the camera screen thoroughly before the application of the tempered glass protector. The package also contains guide stickers to make the application more convenient.

  • Glare proof
  • Does not impact color/brightness
  • Does not accumulate dust on the corners
  • Does not have impressive touch-screen capabilities

6. Veatree 67mm Lens Hood Set, Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood with Filter Thread + Reversible Tulip Flower Lens Hood + Center Pinch Lens Cap + Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

Lens hood is that one essential equipment that any camera owner must have in order to protect their lenses from being smashed. Veatree has come up with a convenient set of 67mm Lens Hood. The set retails for about $12.99. Apart from the 67mm lens hood set, Veatree also has lens hood sets for 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 72mm, and 77mm lenses.

67mm lens hood set includes-

  • A 67mm reversible tulip flower lens hood whose unique design helps quick detaching and mounting. There are two modes for using- normal and reverse.
  • One 67mm center pinch lens cap for the lens protection,
  • A 67mm 3 stages collapsible rubber lens hood has a 3 in 1 design for usage with standard, wide-angle, and telephoto zoom lenses. The hood also prevents lens flare and protects the lens from bumps and shocks.
  • A 6”x7” (15cm x 18cm) premium microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the delicate lenses with.
  • A filter thread which allows you to pair the hoods with lens cap and filters.

The lens hood set has a three-staged collapsible design. The hoods collapse entirely for macro photography and wide-angle shots. The lens hoods are designed in a way that facilitates easy and compact storage.

  • Provides extra protection to the lenses
  • Easy and compact storage
  • Tight and secure fit with the lenses
  • The tulip hood (specifically) can be a bit difficult to detach.

7. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod with SBH-100 Ball Head for Sony, Nikon, Canon DSLR Cameras, Black

The Alta Pro 263 AB Tripod is a combination that impressed us to no end. It is compatible with DSLR Cameras of Sony, Nikon, and Canon. The head can be detached from the legs and used on another tripod and vice versa. 

Its 3 section Aluminum alloy legs, which measure 26mm, can adjust up to 25, 50, and 80-degree angles easily. The central column, which is the multi-angle central column, allows the head of the camera to go underneath. This is helpful in extreme low angle photography. The legs have metal points in them, so it is easy to dig them into the ground.

The orange tab on the tripod locks the camera and prevents it from moving around, even when at an upside-down angle. It comes with two quick-release plates that can be hand tightened, and the tripod is easily movable. While using it, we saw the center column has a hook from which a bag or any other object can be hung.

  • Lightweight and very easy to be carried outdoors
  • Very sturdy in quality, can be taken to rugged terrains also
  • The adjustable center column allows photography at all angles
  • Inexpensive to own and value for money
  • It does not have carbon fiber
  • Slightly heavier compared to other tripods
  • Legs not sturdy when fully extended

8. AODELAN Camera Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote Control for Canon EOS R, RP, Rebel SL2, 250D, 750D, 90D, 80D, 77D, M6 Mark II, 5D Mark IV; Fujifilm X-T3, X-T100; Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

The AODELAN Camera Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote Control is priced at $59.00. It is complete in terms of a feature-laden product. 

The first two parts of this wireless shutter release are a Timer and a Receiver. The best part of this wireless shutter release is that it is compatible with a wide range of cameras and, therefore, can be used by most people. WTR 2 technology in the wireless shutter release timer, time-lapses are now made easy. 

The Wireless Shutter Release Timer Remote Control works well and gives the benefits of everything wireless. However, the Receiver can be connected to the camera and the Timer, which controls the Receiver.

It primarily has four modes for the Shutter Release Control. These include Single shooting, 2-second delay modes, Continuous Shooting, and bulb exposure. It also has five settings for timer shooting, which was a delight to use. These include delay exposure, long exposure, interval, number, and BKLN.

One of the best modes is the BKLN, which allows a range of photos to be taken with changing exposure.

  • Easy hardware setup
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Perfect for shutter release
  • Small and very well sized to carry anywhere
  • Instruction Manual is limited
  • Need 4 AAA batteries, two in each unit

9. 67MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit for Camera Lens with 67MM Filter Thread

The 67MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit is the answer to any photographer’s woes. After using it, we can positively say that it has been made to make photography easy for you. 

Priced at $19.99, it contains various features like the UV Filter, CPL Polarizer, Neutral Density ND4 for Camera Lens. Adding to that, it also has a filter pouch. 

The UV Filter is your one-stop solution to protect your camera lens from harmful agents like moisture, dust, fingerprints, and scratches. It helps your lens have a long life. 

The CPL Polarizer helps in getting rid of unnecessary reflections of all kinds. Whether by light, water, or glass. It makes the vision of the camera lens get ahead of haze and gives picture clarity.

The Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter also has a filter pouch, which is padded in a way to make your traveling storage safe and secure, without hurting the lens of your camera. Adding to this is the Microfiber cleaning cloth meant for the lens, which effortlessly cleans lenses without leaving any scratches and cleans any dust or moisture on your lens.

The ND4 Filter adds just the right touch of neutral shade to your photos and reduces the range of light passing through the lens.

  • Compatible with lenses of all types having a 67mm front filter
  • Filters can be removed easily
  • CPL is of high quality
  • Comes with Digital Goja 90-Day Guarantee
  • The filter sometimes refracts light
  • Polarizer can rob your pictures of sharpness

10. Selens 32 in (80cm) 5-in-1 Round Reflector with Handle for Photography Photo Studio Lighting & Outdoor Lighting

The Selens 32 5-in-1 Round Reflector comes in compact circular packaging and is priced at $17.99. The carry bag is not only easy to handle but also has a functional zipper, with a teether of great size and quality, which is always an added benefit.

The Round Reflector has a unique raised grain design, which contributes to its long, durable life. It has two sides when you open it primarily, one black side and one is silver. The silver side mainly helps in improving the exposure of the photograph.

It further has two more zippers on either side, which further opens up to expose the other white reflectors. This not only makes carrying a single reflector easier but also removes the hassle of carrying several reflectors for outdoor photography. 

The Selens 32 Round Reflector also has a wonderful gold cover, which is most needed when you want to add a warm texture to your photographs. Another useful feature of this reflector is that it can be folded into a small, compact size by pushing the handles in two opposite directions.

Similarly, it is accompanied by a black cover to improve the color saturation in pictures, which come out as too sharp making the colors look unnatural. 

  • Very sturdy and high in quality
  • It is compact and perfect for traveling
  • Has a firm handle on either side, making holding the reflector at any angle comfortable
  • The 5-in-1 filters help in countering any problem related to lighting, anywhere
  • Slightly heavy
  • White reflector might have stains on it

Also check:

Buying Guide for Canon 80D Accessories

  • Battery Charger – Nothing is more annoying than running out of battery power. A charger is essential, especially for camping and overnight trips when you are away from home and can’t reach for a spare battery.
  • Reflector – There is no way that light can even reach all the nooks and crannies. That is why reflectors are so crucial inside a studio or in the garden. Position them carefully, and the scene will be evenly lit.
  • Wireless Trigger – Is it not wonderful to be away from the camera, sitting in the shade, and release the shutter for continuous burst to capture a touchdown or a leaping gazelle? That is what you can easily do with a wireless trigger that releases the shutter from as far away as 100 feet.

FAQs regarding Canon 80D Accessories

1. What is the need for a battery grip?

First of all, a battery grip holds several extra battery slots. That means you can use your camera and flash for longer. Besides, the 80D is quite small and can be hard to grip at times. The battery grip extends the size of the DSLR body and is designed to give you a firmer grip.

2. Why is UV filter a must-have?

SLR cameras have changed from film to digital, but the lenses are still fragile. In fact, modern lenses are more vulnerable due to a complex system of AF motors and image stabilization. The biggest problem with lenses is that the front can by accident scrape. A UV filter is to prevent damage to the front of the lens.

3. How many types of lenses should I have?

If you working inside, a prime is all that you need. Outside you should cover a focal length of 15-300 mm. It is best done with an 18-200 mm and a 50-300 mm lens pair. This allows you to have complete control over any type of scenery or objects in the foreground or far away.

4. Are carbon fiber tripods better?

They are lighter and stronger than aluminum tripods. But on the other hand, they are also more expensive. If you can afford them for a couple of hundred dollars, it is better to buy carbon fiber tripods.

5. What is a three-axis stabilizer?

Three-axis stabilizers are better known as gimbal camera frames. They allow your camera to remain steady in your hand while you move. It is essential for video photography using your DSLR.


At the the end of the day, it all boils down to your expertise handling the 80D camera and your day-to-day workflow with it. If you use it for outdoor assignments, get a good screen protector, a hood and good bag. While if it is average, I would suggest you to atleast invest in an extra set of battery and memory card.

If I have to select one from our already narrowed down list of ten, then it is undoubtedly Lexar Professional 633x 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card. It is fast and can read at 95 MB/s. 128 GB is enough to store thousands of JPGs and is really cheap.

The 67MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit is a really close second. Altura is a well-known manufacturer, and a top grade filter kit from them is a perfect part of any photographer’s kit.

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